What's Your Name

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Who is

Jay Alta

Jay Alta is the newest face in Hip Hop Music, from the streets of “Marble Hill”, Bronx! The talented rapper and artist, has carved out a name for himself thanks to his original rhymes and unique lyrical flow. Jay Alta skillfully brings listeners into his own world through his masterful storytelling and composition techniques.

Back in 2008, Jay Alta had an immediate spark and connection with music and his oldest brother “Rocky” which eventually led him to writing his own rhymes and hooks. He has also been influenced by His close friends and his other talented six brothers and sisters such as his musically gifted father. Director Eddy Marrero a veteran of the music and film industry discovered Jay Alta’s talent and signed Jay Alta to a newly formed Self Paid Records along side record executive and marketing genius Rafael Rodriguez.

With such ease, Jay Alta blends a variety of styles and influences to create his own signature sound on every track he creates. Jay Alta’s voice carries with it a warm and unforgettable tone, which makes him stand out in today’s music landscape. Every hook and line has a mesmerizing sound attached to it, shooting his first video which can be experienced first hand in his upcoming track, “What’s Your Name?”

Currently, he has been focusing his time and energy into perfecting his signature style which has been welcomed by many listeners from across the world. “Music means the world to me because it allows me to express myself through writing,” echoes Jay Alta as he discusses the importance and value of having music as a constant theme in his everyday life.